About Us

Sir Emmanuel Rogers, Owner & Head Designer

Mr. Rogers a Fayetteville, NC native, now resides in Raleigh where he re-birthed the vision and dream of Embrace Designs & Creations. Embrace was created in 2004, and was ran and operated in Fayetteville, NC. In 2008 Mr. Rogers relocated to Raleigh where since he has owned and operated Embrace. His design sense and elegant taste separate him from the bourgeois and place him in a class all of his own. With a dream, style, elegance, determination and passion he emanated “Embrace”.



Embrace Designs is an event & interior decorum company that creates ambiances of tranquility and grandeur for any home, office, party, reception, banquet, wedding, church, or any setting you can dream of.

We are committed to reinventing ourselves every single day in a consistent, targeting and pursuing undivided delivery in providing services that consistently exceeds expectations. We enhance the value and image of our clients and partners by not only providing them with exquisite, uncanny transformations, but also a distinctive “elegant design with attitude. “We are committed to undivided attention to every detail of service with the highest quality. We recognize the value of community, our members and their contributions.

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Location: Raleigh, NC

Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM

Saturday: 9AM-9PM

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